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Best Mobile Tax Apps for 2024 in India

As the financial year 2023-24 concludes, taxpayers across India are on the lookout for efficient and reliable mobile tax apps to simplify th...


As the financial year 2023-24 concludes, taxpayers across India are on the lookout for efficient and reliable mobile tax apps to simplify their tax filing process. With the advent of digital solutions, tax filing is no longer a cumbersome task. The year 2024 has seen the emergence of several user-friendly mobile tax applications that not only streamline the process but also ensure accuracy and compliance with the latest tax regulations. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best mobile tax apps available in India for 2024, their features, pricing and launch dates.

1. Zoho Books 

Description: Zoho Books remains the top contender in the realm of mobile tax apps in India. As a comprehensive accounting solution, it’s designed to manage your account payables and receivables with ease. The app is GST-compliant, facilitating the generation of e-Way bills, invoices and more. With its mobile app, you can manage accounting on-the-go, track expenses and view reports. Zoho Books simplifies banking by securely importing transactions and providing accurate cash flow predictions.


  • Expenses: Track expenses, categorize them and bill clients. Automate recurring expenses to avoid miscalculations.
  • Simplify Banking: Reconcile accounts instantly by securely importing transactions from bank and PayPal accounts.
  • Reports: Get insights into income, expenditure, balance sheets, cash flow and profit and loss.
  • GST Compliance: Automatically calculates GST and generates reports.
Launch Date: Early 2024 
Price: Free Trial available; subsequent pricing starts at ₹499/month. 
For Zoho Books Click here

2. Cash App 

Description: Cash App Taxes offers a compelling option for those seeking a cost-effective tax filing solution. It’s the best tax app for free tax filings, providing users with the ability to file more complicated returns without any charge. The app boasts ease of use and provides direct uploads and assistance from tax experts, ensuring that your tax filing is as smooth as possible.


  • Free Tax Filings: Easily file your taxes without any cost.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design for hassle-free navigation. 

Taxes Launch Date: January 2024 
Price: Free
For Cash App Click here

3. TurboTax 

Description: TurboTax is renowned for handling complicated tax filings with precision. It’s equipped with advanced features and offers tax expert assistance, making it ideal for individuals with complex tax situations. The app’s guided question-and-answer format ensures that you file accurately and efficiently.


  • Comprehensive Guidance: Helps with intricate tax scenarios.
  • Accuracy Guarantee: Ensures accurate calculations.

Launch Date:
December 2023 
Price: Starting at ₹5,2002. 

For Turbo Tax Click here

4. TaxSlayer 

Description: TaxSlayer is the go-to app for guidance when filing your taxes. It provides a guided filing experience, helping users navigate through the tax filing process with helpful tips and a user-friendly interface. TaxSlayer is perfect for those who appreciate a helping hand during tax season.


  • Guidance: Assists users throughout the filing process.
  • Value: Affordable pricing.
Launch Date: February 2024 
Price: Starting at ₹2,9002
For TaxSlayer Click here

5. MyBlock 

Description: MyBlock rounds out our list with its value-driven approach to tax filing. It offers ease of use, simple navigation tools and easy upload features. MyBlock is an excellent choice for taxpayers looking for a straightforward and affordable tax filing app.


  • Affordability: Basic features at an affordable price.
  • User Support: Access to tax professionals.
Launch Date: November 2023 
Price: ₹4,1502
For MyBlock Click here


The mobile tax apps listed above are revolutionizing the way we approach tax filing in India. With options ranging from free filings to expert-guided experiences, there’s an app to suit every taxpayer’s needs. As we move further into the digital age, these apps continue to provide convenience, accuracy and peace of mind during tax season. Choose the one that best fits your requirements and make tax filing a hassle-free experience in 2024.

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