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ConnecTap- Mobile Phone Accessory, NFC Tag, Share Social Link and Contacts

ConnecTap is a NCF Tag . ConnecTap NCF Tag will hep you to share your social link, your contact information, website link just by one tab. T...

ConnecTap is a NCF Tag. ConnecTap NCF Tag will hep you to share your social link, your contact information, website link just by one tab. This is ConnecTap  NCF Tag is compatible with smartphones.  ConnecTap will make your feel to share the date just by one tab in a secure manner with the help of your smartphone.

ConnecTap help you to manage your all contacts in a single location in your smartphone. ConnecTap  is completable with Android phones. With the help of ConnecTap you just need to share only one link instead of sharing multiple links.

To make ConnecTap working first you need to download the ConnecTap from Google Play Store. It is a small NFC tag placed on the back of your phone that allows you instantly share your social media, contact info, etc.

The Good thing about ConnecTap is that the other person don't need ConnecTap or any app to share the information. In ConnecTap you just need to Tap your phone with other person who is having compatible smartphone. If the person does not have compatible smartphone on that case other person can scan the OR code to get the information.

ConnecTap is secure and don't need ant password to link for your social link. ConnecTap is small enough to fit under or over most phone cases and is built to last for a long time.





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Download ConnecTap For Android

ConnecTap  is available in multiple color. So now we will check how to use ConnecTap  NCF Tag.
  • Download the ConnecTap App
  • Grab your favourite ConnecTap Tag and activate it.
  • Customize your profile and connect your social media links.
  • From your contact information to your social profiles, share all your details instantly.

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