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Asus Going To Develop Esports Academy With ROG

  The famous brand Asus is going to develop the talent of esports with the help of Republic of Gamers {ROG}. As we know that the brand Asus ...

 The famous brand Asus is going to develop the talent of esports with the help of Republic of Gamers {ROG}.

As we know that the brand Asus ROG is a very popular gaming phone series. Asus ROG wants to establish esports academy which will be India’s first virtual academy programme and will be very helpful for the gamers who want  to be professionals.

 ROG will identify the gamers that they are Mobile Phone Gamers or PC gamers through screening. They will select some gamers and provide them coaching, training and gaming equipments and make them prepare for Esports Tournaments on National as well as International level.

The Business head Arnold Su said "With ROG Academy, we aim to be able to provide a platform for the young generation to see what kind of opportunities are there in the gaming industry". He said that Esports tournaments will be held like big events such as Olympics in the Future. Parents and their Child's way of seeing the Esports will be changed and it will earn fame and the gamers will earn fame in Esports tournaments in the world. 

Arnold also shared that "the count of online gamers in India grew by 31 percent in 2019 and reached approximately 365 million. As per a FICCI- EY report on the media and entertainment industry, the numbers is expected to reach 440 million by 2022".

Which of the games will players be trained in the ROG Academy?? 

The latest new arrives that ROG Academy is planning to start with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). And ROG is also looking on other titles. 

Co-Founder Nishant Patel, AFK gaming Shares Why ROG Academy will Start with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). This is because it is a 20 year old series and will be the best for startup. Nishant explains about the stability and significance of CS:GO in Esports scenario. 

Nishant adds that "In India, there is some predictability of a calendar that this ROG Academy team will be able to compete in once they’ve gone through the training regimen so that that’s why Counter-Strike was a very obvious choice for the programme, to begin with” . 

How Asus ROG academy will work? ? 

Asus ROG will launch a programme for a year and divide the year into four quarterly sessions. Only the shortlisted gamers and temas will face multiple rounds of selection and the players selected in the Top 6 will become the part of 3 month long session of 1 quarter. 

Asus ROG, various partners and CS:GO will oversee the selection process by a panel consisting of representatives. 

 Prabhakar shares that "The training curriculum will be five days a week, twice a day with one session in the morning and one in the evening," and also shares that the lessons and training will be based on elements picked up from some of the best competitive teams in Southeast Asia and across the world.

This Esport Programme has including individual skill training and coaching of mentorship and especially trained for team work. Players will also be trained on higher-level concepts and strategies used in competitive gaming. The players must have been gave some exercises for their skillset of the competition they are training for. 

What applicants will be obtained from this programme?? 

The final team of six players will be provided an Ex-Gratia of Rs 1,00,000 by Asus ROG. Moreover, players will also receive a stipend of Rs 15,000 on a monthly basis during the training period. Top 6 selected players will also represents Asus ROG in any Esports competition. 

How and when you can apply for registration?? 

The registration for joining has been started from 1 Feb 2021 to 10 Feb 2021. The interested gamers can apply for joining ROG academy and the least age for applying is 16 years. Players between 16-18 years have to submit a consent letter signatured from their parents for participating. 

After the conclusion of registration phrase, the screening process will start by Asus ROG. 

Why India needs initiatives targeted at Esports?? 

In India There is a plenty of talents in Esports but due to improper facilities and bad infrastructure the gamers take their step back. 

Prashant Prabhakar, CEO, SoStronk, an Esports gaming startup, refers to the issue with competitive gaming in India to be a “knowledge-gap”. “It’s not that we don’t have talented players; We have always had talented players, but we’ve never really approached practice the right way in a professional setting and approached it from a data-driven context,” he explains.

Prashant told that ROG academy programme will not only build  the gamers from inside but from outside also. They will be building up the mental endurance and mental fortitude , the physical strength required for long hours of tournament.

Interested gamers can signup at the given link : click here

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