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Whatsapp Hacks: Things You May Not Know You Can Do in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is among the most popular messaging apps in India and its users are always looking at new tips and tricks to better their experienc...

Whatsapp Hacks

WhatsApp is among the most popular messaging apps in India and its users are always looking at new tips and tricks to better their experience. While WhatsApp does offer enough, there are few tricks that are not known to all. Be it not using your real phone number to use WhatsApp or knowing whether some is using a fake mobile number to reach out, here are things you are unaware of in WhatsApp.

1.​You can listen to WhatsApp audio messages secretly without earphones:

Yes, You read it right. This Feature is offered by Whatsapp .The next time you receive an audio file on WhatsApp, instead of grabbing your earphones, just take your phone and put it on any of your ears after hitting the play button, as if you are on a call. The moment you lift the phone after hitting the play button on the WhatsApp audio file and place the device on your ears, the audio file will play through the earpiece of your smartphone and not the speakers. This means you can actually use WhatsApp audio files as a fun ‘walkie-talkie’ feature with which you can communicate using short voice clips instead of typing or calling the recipient .

2.Using a virtual number on WhatsApp to hide your real phone number:

Virtual mobile numbers can be easily found for free and you just need it one-time to simply sign-up for WhatsApp. You can use WhatsApp with this virtual number like any regular number. One of the tried-and-tested services is TextNow. Download the TextNow app on your phone.Create a free account on TextNow. After logging-in, you will get a list of five free phone numbers based in the US and Canada. Just choose any number that you like and proceed. With this virtual number you can create a WhatsApp account and continue chatting.

3.You can use WhatsApp by using a landline number to register:

Whatsapp HacksYou can register a landline number to use WhatsApp but not the regular WhatsApp app. You will need to download the WhatsApp business app. After WhatsApp Business is installed, the app will ask for a phone number for OTP-based registration. Select India code (+91) followed by the landline number with STD code. But omit the 0 on front, if any. After entering the number, WhatsApp Business app will send the OTP. As it's a landline number, you will not get any SMS. Wait for the OTP time to expire and then select ‘Call me’ for OTP verification.

4.Read WhatsApp messages ‘secretly’ without trigger blue ticks:

Once you receive a message just unlock the device without swiping away the notifications. You will be able to read the complete message without opening the app and triggering the Blue ticks for the sender.

5.​Know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp:

Any messages sent to a contact who has blocked you will always show one check mark, which means that the message was sent from your side, but never updated to a double check mark which means the message has been delivered.

6.Know if the WhatsApp account is fake:

It is easy to create a WhatsApp account using a spoof number. When you get a message, tap on the profile to see whether or not the phone number starts with +91 or not. Spoof numbers usually start with +1. If someone from India sends WhatsApp messages using a number with a different country code then it is most like a fake WhatsApp account.

Whatsapp Hacks

7.​Know whether someone else is reading your WhatsApp messages:

With WhatsApp Web, it could be quite possible that your WhatsApp account has been logged in from a desktop without your knowledge. Always check under settings to verify that no unknown device has access to your WhatsApp account.

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